Why should we glorify God?

Why should we glorify God?  Glorifying Him does not add to His character or worth — our glorying in Him does nothing to increase His preeminence.  So why glorify Him?  Why should we glory in His name?

Because God has made all things for his own glory.…especially has he made the godly for his glory; they are the lively organs of his praise.  Is. 43:21.  “This people have I formed for myself, and they shall shew forth my praise.”  It is true, they cannot add to his glory, but the may exalt it; they cannot raise him in heaven, but they may raise him in the esteem of others here.  God has adopted the saints into his family, and made them a royal priesthood, that they should show forth the praise of him who has called them.  1 Pet. 2:9. [Thomas Watson, A Body of Divinity; my emphasis]

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