Sunday Leftovers (4/11/10)

This morning, concluding a message on Ephesians 4:13 — a consideration of how we might work to see spiritual maturity developed in all our relationships — I offered a number of implications of that text.  They are as follows —

  • This is going to influence the way we structure ministry — we will always value people over programs, we will emphasize the priority of every member ministry, and we will pursue substance over style.  Spiritual maturity of people is more important than maintaining programs or being “stylish.”  And the spiritual maturity of every believer will only occur when every believer is involved in that process.
  • Every believer always has a function in the church (he may not have a job title, but he will have a function).
  • Stimulating others to maturity is not optional. It’s for all of us.  A mother feeds and changes a newborn baby; a believer works to help others mature in Christ.
  • No matter how mature anyone is, he has not attained perfection and he still needs the ministry of others to help him.
  • Never make assumptions about the inability of someone to change — it may be that God has placed you in his life for the very purpose of helping him change.
  • Always work.  Always look for and take opportunities to cultivate relationships so that you will have opportunity to stimulate others to maturity in Christ.

We all have relationships and as believers we all have spiritual gifts.  And all the relationships we have are given to us by God so that we might be used in those individuals lives to help them mature in Christ and live for Him.  And that is our task and privilege until we all reach and become mature men.

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