Last year, Tim Challies wrote an e-book entitled Sexual Detox (.pdf download here).  The book was designed to help men to understand the impact of pornography on their minds and hearts and to help them begin to walk with Christ in newness of life.

This year, Tim’s wife Aileen has written a companion book for women entitled False Messages:  A Guide for the Godly Bride.  Tim explains the concept of the book:

False Messages is a book for women. It is written by my wife, Aileen, and seeks to help women, whether wives or wives-to-be, to understand the purpose and the power of sex and sexuality. It encourages them to put away the false messages they have believed about sex and to reorient themselves around the truth. Since God is the one who created sex, he is the one who must direct it.

False Messages is available as a 21-page e-book and is free to download. You are free to print it, email it and distribute it as you see fit.

You can download it here.