Looking for a commentary?

A few days ago someone asked me for a recommendation of a commentary on the book of Deuteronomy.  I have not preached through Deuteronomy so my stack of books was somewhat thin to pick from to begin with.  Additionally, the theological persuasion of the interpreter is particularly important in this book — i.e., is the writer approaching the book as a dispensationalist, an amillennialist, etc…?

So I was a little wary about recommending just anything.  And then I remembered a website that I had looked at just once or twice previously — Best Commentaries — and there it was.  The second or third commentary I saw listed exactly fit the parameters for my friend.  Success.

Then I also noticed a page on the site that lists what he has determined (through a scoring system devised by interacting with several other sources), the top 2 Commentaries for each book of the Bible.  The list looks similar to what I would have compiled, and is readily accessible and easy to interpret.  He even provides links to a variety of booksellers!

So the next time you need a commentary — look up Best Commentaries!

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