I’ve had a Kindle for a few months now, and have discovered a few ways to purchase books at reduced prices or find books for free — and not just older works.  Even brand new e-books are regularly “sold” on Amazon for free.  Here is how you can find some of those free books.  [This works for all categories of books, but I am particularly interested in finding free Christian books.]  Note:  If you have difficulty seeing any of the images below, just single-click on them and you will be able to see the full-size image.

First, go to the main Amazon page and select “Kindle eBooks:”

After selecting “Kindle e-Books,” you will be taken to the page below.  Notice the listing of best-selling paid and free books on the right-hand column:

Scroll to the bottom of that list and select “See all bestsellers:”

That will take you to a page where you can either sort according to topic (and then sub-topic) or where you can search for particular titles, authors, or publishers:

I like to search according to publisher.  While you may have some hits that are not the publisher (e.g., “Thomas Nelson Publishers” will yield some hits with authors of that name), it is the quickest way to find books by particular publishers that are either reduced in price or even free.  Some Christian publishers to check are:

  • Crossway Books
  • Reformation Trust Publishing
  • P & R Books (or Puritan and Reformed)
  • Zondervan Publishing
  • Multnomah Books
  • Moody Press
  • Thomas Nelson Books
  • Word Publishing

Once you have searched for a publisher, then sort the list according to price (low to high):

This will yield a list of lowest to highest priced books (and free is always at the top of the list!):

If you don’t find what you want, you can do another search, or browse through Amazon’s own lists of free books:

I do this about once a week or so (it takes maybe five minutes) because publishers are regularly making books available for free and then removing them.

Happy searching, and even better, happy reading.