Day by Day with Jonathan Edwards

I’m not sure how long this book has been available, but the entire text of Day by Day with Jonathan Edwards is available on Google Books.

I’ve been reading this book as part of my devotional reading this year and have found it to be very helpful and encouraging.  The editor, Randall Pederson, has selected short readings from Edwards’ sermons and longer writings for each day of the year.  Invariably, there is a sentence or more that is particularly helpful and stimulating for me virtually each day.

And now you can access it for free.  Make a bookmark of this page, and keep coming back each day for a nugget of wisdom from Edwards.

Here is a sample from this morning, as he considers the topic of humility:

Be exhorted to increase more and more in this temper and disposition.  It is an excellent and heavenly temper; it is that which makes you shine much brighter than other sort of men, who are sinners and hypocrites.  Be not lifted up at any thoughts of your own goodness or worthiness; give God all the praise, “For who maketh thee so to differ from another?  and what hast thou that thou didst not receive?” (1 Corinthians 4:7).  When you do good works, do not be elated in your own minds, but let God have the praise.  Seek not the applause and commendation of men.  Let God have the praise, and you shall have praise from him hereafter.  Delight in having your heart broken for sin, delight in humbling yourself at the foot of mercy and let it be your delight to exalt God in your heart and by your acknowledgments. [From “The Godly Delight to Exalt God and Lay Themselves Low.”

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