Are you sure about what you want your spouse to be?

Over at the Pyromaniacs blog a couple of weeks ago, Dan Phillips first asked wives, Are you sure you want a husband who…?, and then he asked husbands, Are you sure you want a wife who…?

The questions centered on the motivation a wife has for her husband to lead and the husband has for his wife to submit and whether they are ready to respond accordingly.

So to the wife he asked three questions:

  • …have you possibly contributed to his abdication?
  • …do you really want him to become a leader?
  • …are you the sort of wife you would want to lead, if you were in your husband’s shoes?

Read the rest of the post.

And to the husband he comments:

…let’s suppose your wife isn’t a model of submission. Let’s suppose she hasn’t put together that her marital vows meant that she was giving up to God the “right” to fight you —  ever — to tear you down and disrespect and emasculate you. Let’s suppose she hasn’t accepted in faith that God calls her to support and strengthen and help you, win you over so that you unhesitatingly trust her from the heart (Proverbs 31:11).…

Somehow, you feel there’s got to be a better way.

But then a genuine miracle happens — not the kind that involves gold dust, white teeth, or gibbering and barking, but the kind that makes angels sing and brings glory to God. The Spirit of God opens your wife’s eyes, she sees what the Word has been saying all along, she repents of her sin, and she begins chasing after God’s revealed will with all her might.

Suddenly, you have on your hands a loving, happy, positive, respectful and supportive wife.

Are you ready for that? Really?

Think of what has changed now:


  1. It’s all really-really on you now. To open that up a bit…
  2. Any pretense you ever felt you had for defaulting or abdicating is all gone now.…

Read the rest of the post.

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