Today is the day.

This morning we are leaving for the Shepherds’ Conference. As often as I’ve been, I always am still very excited to go. It’s the excellent teaching, the sweet fellowship with friends new and old, the making of a good memory with my father (who has attended with me the past several years), the encouraging music, and the great books that always makes this event such a blessing and joy.

As I have attempted to do the past two or three years, I’ll be blogging from the conference, hoping to post articles as soon as sessions are complete, so check back throughout the days for updates. (In fact, this post is something of a test of the “post by email” option.) It’s not the same as being there, but hopefully it will give you something of a taste of the richness of what we are being taught.

In preparation for attending, I’ve read again Don Whitney’s “Ten Questions to Ask to Benefit from a Conference or Special Event.” The entire list was helpful, but I was particularly struck by his 8th question, which was exactly what I was praying last night that the Lord would work in and through me this week:  “Who is the one person at this conference/event I most need to encourage?”

May the Lord use this not only in my life and the lives of those who attend, but may it be used in the lives of those whom we influence and are a part of when we return home this weekend.