I did not get up earlier than usual on Friday morning to watch the Royal Wedding.  I had a full schedule for the day and wanted to prepare myself for it with a full night of sleep.  And further, I was uninterested in the whole hoopla in general (though certain female teen-aged members of my home had a different perspective).

I did see some pictures of the event afterward (it was hard to miss them) and read a couple of brief articles about it.

Then this afternoon I saw this response to Friday’s events from the pen of James MacDonald.  His reflections are brief and perceptive and worth reading.  Among his observations:

I am grieved by the religious pomp, contrived ceremony and minimal passing gospel references in the service we and in the end, 2 billion others witnessed. The mumbling singing and distant glare of the couple themselves during the minister’s obligatory rambling grieved my heart deeply, knowing that this is the only church experience most watching will have this year. And will it do anything other than remind the masses why they do not attend church?

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