Grief, hell and bin Laden at the breakfast table

This morning I was getting a few things ready for the day when my daughter said, “I suppose you’ve already heard this, but Osama bin Laden was killed last night.”  “Yes,” I replied, “I saw the headline in the newspaper earlier…”

That comment provided fodder for a brief discussion around the breakfast table that focused on two thoughts:  1) the United States was justified and righteous in killing bin Laden as an act of war; 2) because he was a rejector of Christ, bin Laden was now in hell.

Most of our discussion was focused on the second topic.

It is appropriate to be satisfied in God’s justice in sending people to an eternal death in hell as a result of their sin.  Yet at the same time, Christ grieved over unbelief that would result in hell, so we also should be saddened at the entry of unbelievers into hell.  That sadness is not a disappointment with God’s justice, but a grief over the rejection of Christ by unbelievers (this is an important and fine line to traverse).

Al Mohler struck a similar chord when he wrote today:

Once again, Christians are reminded of the inherent limitations of justice in a fallen and sinful world. At our very best, we can achieve only a small proportion of adequate justice.

Read the entire text of “The Trial that Still Must Come — The Death of Osama bin Laden and the Limits of Human Justice”.

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