In preparation for this Sunday

How do you fight the battle against sin?  How do you wage war against the temptations that are prone to lead you away from Christ and towards the world?  How do you keep from engaging in any sinful and evil impulses?

For too many, suggests Bryan Chapell, we are in bondage to spiritually destructive behaviors:

Our slavery becomes apparent in our prayers for release from compulsive, addictive, and repeated sin.  We pray, “God, please help me to stop…to stand against this temptation…to resist this sin…to change this habit…to act differently…to be rid of this compulsion…not to fall again, to yield again, or to be this way again.”  But how do we stop the impulses that so powerfully war against our righteous resolve?  How do we progress in the battle against sin and self when Satan attacks us through our own lusts, weaknesses, and ambitions?

We begin to unpack the answer to those questions in an examination of Ephesians 6:10ff.

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