The Old Guys

Many years ago, another pastor challenged me to find a mentor:  “You need someone ten or fifteen years older — someone who has been through the next phase of life — to build into you.”

Sometimes it’s hard to find a man like that.

That’s when “old guys” can step in.  Those are men who are already deceased, but they have left a legacy of faithfulness to God that lives in their writings.  While the disadvantage of dead mentors is that they are not able to engage in conversation with you, the advantage is that their counsel has passed the test of time.  A generation or a century (or two) have passed, and their books are still being published and read.

We need mentors like that.

And The Old Guys blog publishes counsel from those mentors on a daily basis.  These are trustworthy disciplers.  Give them a read.  The Old Guys. (You can even have it delivered to your email inbox daily.)

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