Sometimes we struggle in prayer because we haven’t thought through a plan.  While even plans can become ruts, they also can be tools to stay out of ruts if we use them wisely.  So here is one pastor’s prayer plan:

  1. First I pray for my family by name.
  2. Next I pray for pastors.
  3. I also carry a burden for pastor’s children.
  4. Next I pray for the people I pastor.
  5. I also pray for special needs.
  6. Finally I pray for the nations.

[HT: Teach Me How to Pray |]

Update:  Here is another praying plan that looks helpful.  The author includes not only the topics covered in prayer, but also a sample schedule.  Again, this is a tool to be used to liberate us to pray more effectively, not a tool to trap us in legalistic practices.