Implications of believing

Today my Dad and I talked about the nature of the gospel and the reality that it must and will produce transformation in those who believe.  There is no salvation without some form of transformation.

William Mounce addresses the same issue in his recent blog post, “Is there a difference between ‘certainly’ and ‘never’?”

As long as a person’s righteousness is no deeper than that of the Pharisees and teachers of the law, it is absolutely impossible that they will even enter God’s kingdom.…

…Jesus is calling for “deep obedience.” He does not want more religious activity. This is the answer of the Pharisees and many “religious” people who go to church buildings today. What Jesus requires is a deep obedience that originates deep inside a person’s being, in their new heart of flesh given by the Spirit, and out of that heart springs forth into action. Without that, a person should be absolutely convinced that no amount of religious activity will amount to a hill of beans in Jesus’ eyes.

Read the entire post.

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