When a Christian is married to a non-Christian

Ed Welch offers encouraging words about how a Christian married to a non-Christian should view their relationship, and what kinds of things can be communicated graciously about his or her faith:

“You should be thankful everyday that you’re married to a Christian.” She was smiling when she said it to her husband – not angry – and he received it well. He smiled too.

She became a Christian early in their twenty-year marriage. He is not a Christian, and occasionally suggests that he didn’t sign up to be married to one. In response, she is saying that being married to a Christian isn’t too shabby. She sounds like she is touting her good qualities, and I guess she is, but, as Christians, we want goodness to be apparent to others. We want godliness to go public.

Read the rest: Christians and Non-Christians, Married.

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