Don’t miss the obvious, and…

Comparisons are virtually always a bad idea (I’d say “always,” but I was taught that it’s always bad to say “always”).  Inevitably, we favor ourselves in our comparisons and we fail to be objective in those comparisons. Even in the church, it’s tempting to offer comparisons that are unfair to the ones compared.  For example, […]

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When you are in trouble

There are a number of ideas about David’s circumstances in Psalm 27, but no one is certain what actually was happening to him.  But one thing is certain — he was tempted to despair.  Notice all the different phrases he used to indicate the oppression he was under:  fear (vv. 1, 3), dread (think “panicked […]

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Grab bag

Some helpful articles from the couple of weeks: Greg Lucas offers “Seven Lessons from the Disability Community:” God is both sovereign and good. You have been brought into this community for a purpose. Disability magnifies our vision for joy in the smallest things. Community brings much needed perspective Outspoken men are often minorities. When marriage […]

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“It is good for us to be here”

Two sentences prepared my heart for my Bible reading this morning. First, while reading Thomas Watson (reading a Puritan immediately after awakening is good and enlivening for the soul), I came across this sentence: “A man may be carnal while he is doing spiritual things…He delights in hearing [the Word of God] but it is […]

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He cares

Philip Yancey recounts the words of a man with leprosy who visited Dr. Paul Brand, who had done much research on that disease: “When I got to Vellore, I spent the night on the Brand’s verandah, because I had nowhere else to go.  That was unheard of for a person with leprosy back then.  I […]

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Taking a test

I was not a particularly good test taker in school.  I didn’t care for them (I’d say I hated them, but we’ve taught our children not to use the word hate in that kind of context, so I refrain).  I would much rather write a paper — or several papers — than take one test. […]

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He does all things well

It’s just one tiny sentence at the end of a story, but it’s the key to understanding the story. After Jesus healed the Syrophoenician’s daughter of the demon and healed the deaf man by touching him with His saliva (Mark 7), along with other unnamed miracles, the crowd declared, “He has done all things well…” […]

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When obedience is not obedience

Not all obedience is obedience. If you have children, that statement is often easy to validate.  Children will begrudgingly say, “sorry” when they’ve sinned, with little evident demonstrations of remorse or repentance.  Children will fulfill a task (e.g., cleaning, chores, homework), all the while grumbling about it, so the job is done, but with all […]

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Self-examination questions

Self-examination is always good in the life of the believer. In Psalm 26, David articulates a number of areas of his life that reflect his integrity before the Lord.  These assertions are a good place for the believer to ask questions about his own life with God and Christ: Is the overall character of my […]

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Do not be afraid

Just because something is easy to say does not mean it is easy to do. So it is easy for Jesus to say, “Your sins are forgiven.”  It’s far more difficult to actually absolve one of the guilt before God that is incurred by sin, which was exactly Jesus’s point and claim in Mk. 2:5-12. […]

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