Self-examination questions

Self-examination is always good in the life of the believer.

In Psalm 26, David articulates a number of areas of his life that reflect his integrity before the Lord.  These assertions are a good place for the believer to ask questions about his own life with God and Christ:

  • Is the overall character of my life one of integrity? (v. 1)
  • Is my trust in God unwavering and unshakeable? (v. 1)
  • Do I invite and love God’s examination of me? (v. 2)
  • Is my attention focused on God’s lovingkindness?  Do I look for and see His mercy and grace in every circumstance? (v. 3)
  • Do I fellowship with and enjoy the company of deceivers and hypocrites? (v. 4)
  • Or do I hate the company of evildoers?  What do my friendships reveal about me? (v. 5)
  • Are my actions blameless and innocent?  Do my actions prepare me for genuine and holy worship? (v. 6)
  • Do I see the works of God — even in the orchestration of the affairs of my life — and give Him thanks? (v. 7)
  • Do I love the refuge that is available in God, and do I love the refuge of worship with His people ?(v. 8)
  • Do I seek the desire of God’s grace in being spared the consequences that come from a life of evil? (vv. 9-10)
  • Do I seek the working of His grace in my life? (v. 11)
  • Am I sure and secure in my delight in the Lord and the blessing of His name? (v. 12)

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