Shepherds’ Conference seminars

The Shepherds’ Conference begins three weeks from today.

Grace Community Church has posted some videos explaining some of the seminars scheduled for the conference.  Here are some of the speakers talking about their seminars:

Steve Lawson on C. H. Spurgeon — “The Evangelistic Zeal of a 19th Century Calvinist:”

Lance Quinn on “The Biblical Counseling Movement: History and Context:”

Jesse Johnson on “The Way(s) of the Master:  Why Evangelism Should not be One Size Fits All:”

Austin Duncan on “Membership Matters:  Rediscovering the Biblical and Beneficial Doctrine of Church Membership:”

Dave Muxlow on “For Elders Only:  What Your Pastor Wants You to Know but Can’t Tell You:”

Other videos for the 2012 Shepherds Conference are here.

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