One of the mysteries of life is why the Lord would use the likes of us to do this task of preaching. If we were orchestrating it, we might have angels do the preaching. Everyone would listen to an angel, wouldn’t he? But God assigned human preachers whom He called. Because when an angel showed up no one would say, “who is he to preach?” But when we show up…“You’re letting him preach?” Yes — so the glory would all be His.

Turn to Colossians 1.

How is it that there can be so much confusion about the calling of the preacher? In contemporary church life, there is much confusion about what the preacher is supposed to do — the current idea is that he’s supposed to suggest and insinuate, not declare and rebuke and exhort. One reason churches don’t have pulpits is that you can flit here and there and make a few suggestions. There is a history behind the pulpit. It’s a place of teaching.

The people need to be taught. We have to be taught. It is the privilege of the preacher to teach.

These notes are rough, unedited and not a complete transcription of this session.

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