Examination questions for communion

Tomorrow morning we will remember the death and resurrection of Christ through communion.  To prepare our hearts for that ordinance, here are a few questions I’ve adapted from the Puritan, Thomas Watson:

  • Am I diligent in my pursuit of God through prayer?
  • Do I thirst for the living God? Do I desire holiness as much as I desire heaven?
  • Do I desire to look like Christ as much as I desire to live with Christ?
  • Am I skilled in self-denial?  Am I willfully indulging the flesh in anything?
  • What is entering and exiting through the gates of my body — my mind, my eyes, my ears, my tongue? Are those things pure and a delight to my Lord?
  • Have I gotten above the world? Though I live on earth, do I live for heaven and its joys?
  • Do I always set myself under the watchful eye of God (Ps. 16:8)? Am I mindful that the Judge is ever watching me?

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