A better way to listen to sermons on iTunes

I have been using iTunes to listen to sermons for several years — first on an iPod and now on an iPhone.  In fact, most of what I listen to on my iPhone is sermons, and therein lies a small problem.  I turn off my phone most evenings in order to conserve the battery, but when I turn off the phone, the phone does not keep a memory of my spot on the current sermon.  So when I turn the phone back on, the “current selection” restarts at the beginning.

But last week I discovered a simple solution.

In iTunes, select the audio you would like to have iTunes remember and then choose “Get Info” from the “File” pull-down menu (I).  From the menu choices at the top of the dialog box that opens, choose, “options.”  Then select the option, “remember playback position,” and then choose “OK” (see below).

The next time you turn off your iPhone or iPod, your device will remember the location where you stopped listening.

If you have many files that you’d like to change at once, you can select multiple files at once and then follow the same procedure outlined above.

One thought on “A better way to listen to sermons on iTunes

  1. Thanks for this, Terry! Haha, I bet a bunch of people will enjoy sermons from iTunes better because of this great tip!

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