25 years ago today

Twenty-five years ago today, we said, “I do.”

Twenty-five years ago, we were “just married.”

Today we are “living happily every after.”

That doesn’t means there have been no bumps along the way.  There have been. We have had conflict — and experienced the joy of reconciliation through repentance, confession, and forgiveness.  We have had two children and sent the first one to college — and known the grace of God’s wisdom to parent despite repeated failures and inadequacies.  We have buried three of our four parents — and been comforted by the peace of Christ that surpasses understanding.  We have faced financial concerns — and experienced God’s repeated provision for food and covering and learned contentment with that.  Together we have served in the church I pastor for 22 of those 25 years (was I really that young when they hired me???) — and experienced much grace from the church body as together we have learned the responsibilities of ministry.

There have been bumps.  But together we are happy in the Lord, so we are happy in each other.

Twenty-five years ago today, we said, “I do.”  And we’ve been saying it every day since then.  It has been a joy to stay in this committed love.

Thanks, my Sweet, for 25 wonderful years.  You are a blessing from the Lord to me.  I said something else 25 years ago, and I have said it every day since then.  I love you.

5 thoughts on “25 years ago today

  1. Congratulations on 25 years! I remember the day you were installed as the pastor at GBC, and yeah, I’m pretty sure you were that young, though that seemed old to me then. :-) Blessings on you, your marriage, and your ministry.

    1. Thanks, Chris. It doesn’t seem that long ago, but the years have added up. Give my greetings to your folks and the rest of your family.

  2. Terry,
    CONGRATULATIONS! That’s wonderful that you and Raye Jeanne are celebrating 25 years of marriage! God continue to bless your marriage and your ministry. Lots of love, Dad.

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