Making mountains out of molehills

I needed this reminder from John Newton today:

The hour is coming when we shall be astonished to think what mere trifles were once capable of discouraging us; for though many things we now meet with have a kind of importance respecting the present life and our natural feelings, yet when we come to see things as they are, and get a clearer view of the difference between temporary and eternal, –of the lightness of the one and the weight of the other,– we shall be satisfied there is a greater disproportion between them than between molehills and mountains; and that when the Lord has put us in possession of the pearl of great price, the gain or loss of a pebble was hardly worth a serious thought. [The Letters of John Newton – To Mrs. Wilberforce (Edinburgh, Scotland; The Banner of Truth Trust; 2007) p. 84.]

HT:  The Old Guys.

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