What do you want? — a chart

Earlier today, I blogged about our desires and passions in relation to our position in Christ (“What do you want?”).

Some time ago, I came across this chart (commonly called, “the Y-Chart”), which I have modified very slightly to help us understand how each decision we make flows out of the desires and longings of our hearts.  Many have found this helpful in making daily decisions that please the Lord.

It illustrates that in every decision, there are only two choices on the shelf — pleasing God or pleasing self.  And it illustrates the long-term results of both kinds of choices (download the PDF).

4 thoughts on “What do you want? — a chart

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement to me of providing this link to your readers! I appreciate it very much!

  1. Used y diagrams in biblical counseling for years. This is the best design I have ever seen.

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