God’s judgment is sure…and His grace is great

Too many people presume that God is too loving to condemn them — or anyone — to Hell.  Yet Scripture asserts that God’s judgment is sure.  It will come and it cannot be avoided.  Consider Peter’s logic in 2 Peter 2:4-10:

  • If [a better translation is “since”] God condemned the fallen angels to Hell (v. 4)…
  • And since God judged the entire world with a flood during the day of Noah, apart from Noah and his family (v. 5)…
  • And since God condemned by utter destruction the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah (v. 6)…
  • And since even during the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, God also rescued Lot who had been declared righteous (vv. 7-8)…

Then two truths are certain and true:

  • God also knows how to rescue and preserve righteous people now by keeping them from the time of judgment, just as He did with Lot (v. 9a)
  • And God also knows how to keep the unrighteous under punishment (i.e., indictment) until the day of final judgment (vv. 9b-10).  They will not escape.

So to all those who presume that God is “too loving” to condemn anyone to Hell, we can assert that God is loving.  But what He loves most are those things that are ultimate — and what is most ultimate is His glory, which means that He loves to preserve His holiness so that His glory will be demonstrated, which in turn means that unrighteous men will be condemned to Hell.

But we can also assert a second truth that God is gracious and provides a means of escape for those who are unrighteous — like Lot — to be declared righteous (cf. Gen. 15:6).  This is overwhelming, grace upon grace kind of news (Jn. 1:16).

So in a difficult (i.e., hard) chapter, two glorious truths arise — 1) God’s judgment is sure, and 2) His grace is great!

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