“Prof” in the presence of the Lord

A man who influenced generations of students at Dallas Theological Seminary (e.g., he was both my professor and my father’s) — Howard Hendricks, known simply as “Prof” to his students — early this morning entered the presence of the Lord.

The article on the DTS website captures the essence of Prof well, and brought numerous classroom memories to my mind.  (I also remember the time that my parents invited him to dinner when I was an elementary aged student — and he forgot!  Oops!)  This paragraph summarizes him well:

And whether one-on-one or in a classroom, Prof taught. He was known to stand on a chair while teaching if that’s what it took to captivate a bored-looking student. Before those in his classes, he served as “stand-up comic, cheerleader, personal trainer, encourager, and super teacher,” observed a student who cringed at the recollection of her professor’s favorite gesture, wiping his sleeve across his nose. Hendricks often mimicked the nearsighted cartoon character Mr. Magoo, by scrunching his face, squinting his eyes, and sniffing. Students too young to remember Magoo considered the gestures “pure Hendricks.” But Prof’s creativity had a purpose—that students might center their lives in Jesus Christ and live according to His Word. Prof was known to say that if he had his way, every student would memorize one thousand Bible verses before graduating.

Read the rest at, The Life of Howard G. “Prof” Hendricks.

The Life of Howard G. “Prof” Hendricks - Dallas Theological Seminary

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