Communion an occasion of gratitude

To continue to prepare my heart for communion tomorrow morning, I read another chapter this evening from The Puritans on the Lord’s Supper.  The chapter, “The Renewal of Our Christian Vows” by Edmund Calamy concludes with these paragraphs:

Take care that the deepest thankfulness is a constant concomitant of all your renewed vows [in communion].  There is no greater occasion for thankfulness than this:  that we have any ground at all for hope of being accepted upon devoting ourselves to God through Christ; that though past vows have been broken, we may be again accepted upon renewing them; that we have hearts and inclinations to renew them; that we have any ground to hope for strength from heaven to enable us to keep them when we have renewed them; that we have so advantageous a season for renewing them as the sacrament brings with it.  All these things minister cause of thankfulness.

While we do well not to confuse the Puritan emphasis on the making of vows at communion with a means of meriting God’s grace, this is a timely reminder that as we come to remember the work of Christ in communion, we are repeatedly affirming our need for Christ, our gratitude for Christ, and our devotion to follow Christ.

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