When we don’t feel like praying

R. A. Torrey:

Oftentimes when we come to God in prayer, we do not feel like praying. What shall one do in such a case? cease praying until he does feel like it? Not at all. When we feel least like praying is the time when we most need to pray. We should wait quietly before God and tell Him how cold and prayerless our hearts are, and look up to Him and trust Him and expect Him to send the Holy Spirit to warm our hearts and draw them out in prayer. It will not be long before the glow of the Spirit’s presence will fill our hearts, and we will begin to pray with freedom, directness, earnestness and power. Many of the most blessed seasons of prayer I have ever known have begun with a feeling of utter deadness and prayerlessness; but in my helplessness and coldness I have cast myself upon God, and looked to Him to send His Holy Spirit to teach me to pray, and He has done it. [Torrey, How to Pray]


One thought on “When we don’t feel like praying

  1. Yes. We gotta remember that we are in a relationship! When I am tired and grumpy and going through a season where I don’t feel like being social or involved with my wife and family, they let me know I have been distant. I may start with, “I don’t want to talk.” , but that is a start! The same goes with my daily prayer. I may not want to pray or even know how to begin, but I can begin by kneeling in silence. Maybe say, “God I don’t feel like doing this…”. Just opening the door to the communion is the beginning. It is when I avoid prayer time altogether that keeps my relationship with Him dry and inactive.

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