Doubting your salvation? Here’s some help.

Whitney, How Can I Be SureAssurance of salvation is a doubt that pursues every Christian believer at some point(s) in his life.  In God’s grace, there are biblical answers for those questions, and Don Whitney has produced an excellent work on assurance of salvation — How Can I Be Sure I’m a Christian? (which also is our book of the month this month).  And recently Andy Naselli put together an extended outline of the book on his blog (which Justin Taylor also reposted).

A sample:

Chapter 1. Assurance of Salvation–Is It Possible?

  • It is possible, indeed normal, for the Christian to experience assurance of salvation.
  • It is possible, indeed normal, for a non-Christian to have a false assurance of salvation.

Chapter 2. Having Doubts about Your Salvation

  • It is possible, indeed normal, for Christians to have occasional doubts about their salvation.
  • Doubting assurance is not unbelief.
  • The causes of doubt are many.

– Spiritual immaturity may contribute to doubts about assurance.
– Sensitivity to sin may cause confusion about assurance.
– Comparison with other Christians may cloud assurance.
– Childhood conversion affects the assurance of some.

Read the rest at Andy Naselli.

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