Perspectives on biblical counseling from two leaders

The National Association of Nouthetic Counseling (NANC) has been the primary agency for equipping biblical counselors for several decades.  The leader of that ministry for almost two decades has been Randy Patten.  On October 1, his leadership will transition to Heath Lambert.  Both men recently were interviewed about biblical counseling and the upcoming NANC National Conference.  A couple of excerpts from both interviews:

Randy Patten:  I think biblical counseling is for every believer because we all give advice, i.e. counsel, to others, though not every believer will do what we might call formal counseling. It’s like not every believer sings on the worship team or is part of the budget committee. People are gifted differently. But if we are talking about small “c” counseling then, I believe, it is for everyone. If you are a parent, spouse, or friend then the advice that you give to others about how to think and act ought to be biblical, which grows out of the historical, grammatical, and contextual understanding of the Scriptures.

Read the entire interview at Counseling One Another.

HeathLambert_67_100_100Heath Lambert:  Everyone in counseling knows that married people are a massive demographic seeking counseling help. That means that we must excel in marriage counseling if we want to stand against the tide of this corrupt culture and offer real help to people. The concern over the culture is, therefore, a general issue. The concern over counseling is the particular issue. When counseling is occurring we’re actually not as much concerned about what is happening in the culture as we are about what is happening in this marriage. At NANC we are concerned to equip people to do faithful biblical counseling with people pursuing marriage in the midst of a corrupt culture.

Read the rest at Biblical Counseling Coalition.

[Aside:  Heath will be one of the speakers at our Biblical Counseling and Discipleship Conference in November.]

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