Living without God?

Todays QuoteJohn Dyer:  From the Garden to the City:

Adam and Eve’s clothing, then, was not only designed to protect them from their environment; it also represents their attempt to hide their sinfulness from God. Moreover, they were trying to invent a means by which they could live without God and were therefore acting in rebellion against him. Instead of living every day in a loving, open relationship with him—depending on his power and grace for their existence and joy—they tried to construct a world that would allow them to exist apart from him. The clothing was their way of transforming their circumstances such that they would no longer rely on God for anything.…

Today nearly every tool available to us enables us to perpetuate the myth that we can live apart from dependence upon God. Instead of affirming that the Son holds every speck of the universe in place, we amass tools [technology] with the belief that they can help us overcome our deepest problems.

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