Genuine repentance

Todays QuoteZachary Crofton, quoted by J. I. Packer, A Quest for Godliness:

[Repentance] is a habit, power, principle, spring, root, and disposition; not a bare, single, and transient action.…Repentance is different and distinct from all penitential acts.…Repentance is not the work of an hour, or a day: but a constant frame, course, and bent of the soul…birth, breeding, education, instruction, art, knowledge, moral suasion, friendly advice, and gospel-ministry itself, cannot work it, without the immediate operation of an Omnipotent Spirit…it is the sole and singular prerogative of Jesus Christ exalted ‘to give repentance’…Repentance is not…the effect of the law; but a pure gospel-grace; preached by the gospel, promised in the covenant, sealed in baptism, produced by the Spirit, properly flowing from the blood of Christ; and so is every way supernatural; so that every returning sinner must pray to God: ‘Turn thou me, and I shall be turned’.…

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