Reading Ezekiel

Like many of the prophets, the theme of this book is quite simple. It is essential to remember that this book was written while Ezekiel himself was in captivity in Babylon, and he was writing to the Jews to get them to repent. Thus, it is also noted that it encompasses the fact that “the fall of Jerusalem and the Babylonian Captivity are necessary measures for the of grace to employ if He is to correct His disobedient people, draw them back from complete and permanent apostasy. But the day is coming when Jehovah will restore a repentant remnant of His chastened people and establish them in a glorious latter-day theocracy with a new temple.” [Gleason Archer, A Survey of Old Testament Introduction, p. 356.]

More simply stated, Ezekiel’s “recurring theme is the majesty of the Lord and his reiterated message is that the house of Israel, the exiles, the nations of the world, even the forces of darkness, should all ‘know that I am the Lord.’ To judge from the frequency of its use (over fifty times in all), this aim was Ezekiel’s consuming passion.” [John Taylor, Ezekiel, p. 23.] As will be seen below, because of Ezekiel’s background as a priest, he has a particular interest in individual people in his prophecies.

Download the complete document about Ezekiel here.

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