Are we not sinners?

Todays QuoteJohn Newton:

Are we not sinners? Were we not rebels and enemies before we knew the gospel? And have we not been unfaithful, backsliding, and unprofitable ever since? Are we not redeemed by the blood of Jesus? And can we stand a single moment except he upholds us? Have we anything that we have not received: or have we received anything that we have not abused? Why then is dust and ashes proud?

One thought on “Are we not sinners?

  1. How true dust and ashes we are! How uterly worthless and base! Yet how radacally that status changes when the God of heaven and earth scoops that grey pile up, breathes life into it and declares behold my adopted son/daughter. Looking forward to standing before His throne BLAMELESS with great joy! ( great joy is the biggest understatement in Scripture) by the way!

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