2014 Shepherds’ Conference messages

sclogoThe Shepherds’ Conference at Grace Community Church is always a highlight for me.  The days are always busy and full, but the spiritual encouragement and biblical fellowship are always refreshing.

I always take notes on my laptop and while they are not anywhere approaching full manuscripts and frequently are not direct quotations of the speakers, they are (I trust) accurate representations of what was said.

Following the conference, I print out the notes for myself and then go back through them to reflect on the messages again and glean more of what needs transformation in my own life.

I often attempt to post my notes during the conference, but I was unable to get an adequate wifi signal to do that this year, and only today was able to go back through and edit out obvious errors.  So, somewhat belatedly, here are my notes:

The audio from some of the sessions has already been posted here.

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