Communion and the work of Christ’s blood

This morning we will remember the death of Christ through communion.

There can be a ritualistic sameness to this ordinance — a small piece of cracker eaten and a small cup of juice drunk in a brief conclusion to a morning worship service.  The same words recited from 1 Corinthians 11 and the same kinds of prayers offered.

What’s the use? some might question.

The use is in a continual reminder of the work of Christ’s body and blood on our behalf.  We dare not become complacent about Christ, the bread, or the cup, as Thomas Watson reminds us:

If we had offered up millions of sacrifices, if we had wept rivers of tears — this could never have appeased an angry Deity. Only Christ’s blood ingratiates us into God’s favor — and makes Him look upon us with a smiling aspect. When Christ died, the veil of the temple was rent. This was not without a mystery, to show that through Christ’s blood — the veil of our sins is rent which interposed between God and us. [The Lord’s Supper]

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