Sermon: He is Risen

He is Risen
Mark 16:1-8
April 20, 2014

Some words are life-changing words. After they are uttered, the direction and course of one’s life is irrevocably changed.

Words like the ones I said to Raye Jeanne a few months after we first met — “I love you.” Everything about our relationship changed after that.

Words like ones that doctors often say, “I’m sorry; he’s gone.”

And words like, “I don’t ever want to see you or speak to you again.”

And words like, “I forgive you.”

While all of these words can indicate life-changing experiences, there are three words that have changed all things for all time. They are the words uttered by the angel to the women in the tomb on resurrection morning: “He is risen.”

This morning we remember the resurrection of Christ. It is a familiar story for followers of Christ. And we keep coming back to the resurrection because there is nothing more essential to our faith than the resurrection. John MacArthur has said it well:

 “…the resurrection is not simply a component of the gospel, it is not merely a feature of the gospel, it is the main event. It is, in fact, the greatest event in the life of our Lord Jesus. And since His life is the greatest life, it is the greatest event in all of human history. It is the culminating event in divine redemption. It is the cornerstone of gospel promise. The resurrection is the source of eternal life for us who believe.” [MacArthur, “Amazement at the Empty Tomb.”]

This morning we will examine the briefest resurrection account in the gospels (Mk. 16:1-8) and find in that passage six aspects of the resurrection.

  1.  The Resurrection Rarity (vv. 1-3)
  2. The Resurrection Revelation (vv. 4-5)
  3. The Resurrection Reality (v. 6)
  4. The Resurrection Responsibility (v. 7a)
  5. The Resurrection Restoration/Reconciliation (v. 7b)
  6. The Resurrection Recounted (vv. 7-8)

Download the rest of this sermon on Mark 16:1-8.

The audio is posted on the GBC website.

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