Sunday Leftovers: the gifts of the Holy Spirit (tongues)

Sunday LeftoversThis morning we considered the sign gifts — the gifts given by the Holy Spirit that were to authenticate the apostolic and prophetic message and messengers — and particularly the gift of tongues, which is the most commonly practiced sign gift today.

It is impossible to consider all the biblical teaching on the subject in one message, so here I post a number of other resources that will help you think about these gifts in a biblical manner.

A conference by the same title, “Strange Fire,” was held at Grace Community Church (CA) last fall. The audio from that conference is available for free online. Of particular help is Tom Pennington’s message, “A Biblical Case for Cessationism.” The Master’s Seminary hosted a series of lectures on the sign gifts in January entitled, “Strange Fire Redux.”  The audio for those messages is on the TMS website.   MacArthur has also written two other very helpful books on the topic: The Charismatics and Charismatic Chaos.

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