The new issue of JBMW is available

The newest issue of The Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood is available.  This is a resource I regularly read and always find helpful articles in it (and now it’s also free!).

Denny Burk kicks off the journal by analyzing the troubling fact that it is now okay in our culture to change a child’s physiological sex but not his or her perceived gender. After his editorial the new president of CBMW, Owen Strachan, explains why the nomenclature “gay Christian” does not cohere with the New Testament’s view of being “in Christ.” Andrew Walker provides a trenchant commentary on the competing values of sexual liberty and religious liberty; while Daniel Heimbach answers questions about True Sexual Morality, a book that is as relevant and needed as it was when it was written a decade ago. Trent Hunter provides a wide-angle argument against same sex marriage in his biblical-theological sermon. And finally, this journal has a number of helpful book reviews, including David Jones‘ review of Denny Burk’s book What is the Meaning of Sex? [CBMW]

Download this issue of JBMW.  Access and download any previous issue of JBMW.

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