Louis Zamperini

Last summer I read the story of Louis Zamperini in Laura Hillenbrand’s book, Unbroken.

“Read” is not the correct word.  “Inhaled” would be better.  “Devoured.”  I couldn’t put it down.  We were on vacation and my wife asked me one morning what I wanted to do that day and I responded something like, “It doesn’t matter what y’all do, but I’m not doing anything else until I finish this book.”

And the reading was completed that day.

If you don’t know the story of Louis Zamperini, his is a remarkable story of God’s common grace in preserving his life in most amazing circumstances in World War II.  And it is a remarkable story of God’s particular grace in redeeming his life from sin after he came back to America as a hero.

This Christmas the movie “Unbroken” will be released telling his story.

And while Zamperini has been working with producer Angelina Jolie on the making of the movie, he won’t see the movie.

He died yesterday.

Here are some testimonials and summaries of his life:

“Louis Zamperini’s greatest victory came through faith in Christ” (World magazine)

“Louis Zamperini, RIP (1917-2014)” (Denny Burk)

Read the book.

See the movie this winter.

Give thanks to God today for His grace that saves men like Louis Zamperini.  And you.  And me.

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