P&R Ebook sale

Westminster Bookstore is having a 3-day sale (only two days left) on over 100 ebooks from P&R Books.  All the books are $1.99 and there are some great deals among the offerings.  I purchased a number of books, and was particularly happy to get John Frame’s Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief ($44.99 as a hard copy), and several volumes of J. I. Packer’s Puritan Papers.

There are some excellent biographies (Hodge, Machen, and Manton among them), counseling materials (Tripp, Tripp, and more Tripp, Bigney, and Newheiser/Fitzpatrick), theological studies (Lundgaard, Songs in the Night, Jones), and more (Trueman, the whole list).

If you’re looking to add to your ebook library, this is a great opportunity to do that!

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