It’s Reformation Day — lots of treats and no “tricks”

Today is what is commonly known as “Reformation Day,” the 497th anniversary of the day that Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the door of the Wittenburg Church.  Those brief theses were written in the manner of the day as topics for debate; Luther saw a great many failures and unbiblical works in the Roman Catholic church and he intended the theses to be a means to reform the church.

Instead an entire movement that established a biblical church of protest-ants happened — something that we now call “The Reformation.”

Perhaps you equate October 31 more with chocolate and Halloween than with the Reformation.  If so, here are several opportunities to inform your mind and grow in gratitude for God’s work through the “monk with a mallet.”

Ligonier is making a number of books and talks related to the Reformation available for free (in the spirit of sola gratia, no doubt!).  Among the digital resources you will find at Ligonier are (but respond quickly as these deals are available only on October 31):

Many others have also provided summaries and insights into the Reformation and the significance of today, including:

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