BCDC Update

This past weekend our church hosted the final weekend of our annual Biblical Counseling and Discipleship Conference.  The audio from the first two weekends is already posted (track 1 | track 2) and the audio from this past weekend should be posted soon.  Additionally, you can find my power points from my sessions in track 2 (ACBC exam prep) here.

And plans for next year’s conference have already been finalized; we will host the conference on the weekends of September 18-19, October 16-17, and November 13-14.  Our guest speaker will be Jim Newheiser, pastor of Grace Bible Church in Escondido, CA, and the director of IBCD.  He will be teaching on the October weekend.  Additionally, we will also have a pre-conference event on October 16 with Jim’s wife, Carolyn Newheiser, along with others from GBC addressing women’s issues.

You can sign up for BCDC or the women’s pre-conference for a limited period of time at an early-bird rate.

2015 BCDC Save Date

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