Sermon: God’s Revelation, Man’s Rejection, Part 4

“God’s Revelation; Man’s Rejection” Part 4
Romans 1:20-25
October 4, 2015

It has been said many different ways:

  • For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
  • If you want to dance you have to pay the fiddler.
  • “We are free to choose our paths, but we can’t choose the consequences that come with them.”
  • The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.
  • You can avoid reality but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.
  • It only takes a second to make a choice; but the choice made in that second can have ramifications that last a lifetime.
  • Sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel. But you know what that means: more laundry.
  • Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.

What all of those statements are alluding to is the reality of consequences. Whatever choices we make, there will be consequences attached to those decisions; sometimes the consequences will be beneficial and other times they will be detrimental, but we can be sure that there will be consequences. They may be anticipated or they may be unintended, but there will be consequences.

But many in our world are living as if they are no consequences for their actions. That is true as it relates to both personal and national economics. But it is even truer about the moral choices many in our country are making. The prevailing opinion is something like, “I have a right to my own reality and choice; you can’t compel me to make another choice, and I have a right to impunity, no matter what my choice is.”

And sometimes as we look at the world, it almost seems that sentiment is true. It is sometimes tempting to assume that God does not care about man’s rejection of Him; because He appears silent to us, we (and the rebellious world) might think God is apathetic towards sin and the rebellion against Him. He is not. And the passage before us this morning will tell us most clearly —

When men reject God, God will reject them.

Or to use different terms, when men judge God to be unworthy of their worship, God will judge them eternally for their rebellious rejection of Him. There are consequences to our choices.

In these verses we will observe two characteristics of God’s judgment of man’s rebellion: how and why He judges.

  1. How God Judges the Ungodly (v. 24)
  • The judgment is purposeful
  • The judgment is in the midst of corrupted desires
  • The judgment is to a degraded immorality
  • The judgment is for the purpose of dishonor
  1. Why God Judges the Ungodly (v. 25)
  • God judges because they trade God’s truth for the lie of Satan
  • God judges because they trade the Creator for the created
  • God judges because only He is worthy of worship

Download the rest of this sermon from Romans 1:24-25.

The audio will be posted on the GBC website later today.

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