Keep up daily prayer

Watson WednesdaysWednesdays with Watson is a weekly reading taken from my favorite Puritan writer, Thomas Watson.  This week’s selection is taken from Heaven Taken by Storm.

Keep up daily prayer. Prayer is the bellows that blows up the affections, and a Christian is most active when his affections are most violent. Prayer keeps the trade of religion going. Prayer is to the soul as the animal spirits are to the body. The animal spirits make the body more agile and lively; so does prayer for the soul. That the motion of a watch may be quicker, the spring must be wound up. Christian, wind up your heart every day by prayer. Prayer fetches in strength from Christ; and when His strength comes in, it sets the soul to work. Prayer leaves the heart in a good frame, as the morning sun leaves a warmth in the room for the rest of the day. When Christians lay aside prayer or leave off fervency in it, then by degrees they lose their holy violence.

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