Counsel the Word Podcast

Our church and counseling ministry launched The Center for Biblical Counseling and Discipleship — a counseling resource website — several months ago.  On that website you will find many resources to biblical counseling:  audio from our conferences, blog posts, and resources on a vast number of topics (look at the list).

And this week we also launched a podcast, “Counsel the Word.”  The podcast will contain interviews with the instructors from our training center and leaders in the biblical counseling movement.  Interviews already have been recorded with men like Mark Shaw, Randy Patten, and Robert Jones.  The first two podcasts were posted on the site this week with more coming on a regular basis.

Some topics being planned for the future are things like:

  • Biblical counseling & scrupulosity
  • The Puritans and pastoral care
  • Biblical counseling & fear
  • Biblical counseling & preaching
  • Biblical counseling & evangelism
  • Biblical counseling & repentance
  • Biblical counseling & family ministry
  • Marriage counseling
  • Counseling children
  • Counseling women who have been abused
  • The role of Elders and pastoral care
  • Developing a culture of discipleship in the local church

This is a podcast you’ll want to access regularly.  You can find it on our webpage, or subscribe through iTunes.

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