2019 Bible Reading Plans

It’s almost New Year’s Day.  And New Year’s Day means new resolutions to live a re-newed kind of way in the coming year.

And there is no resolution (and no new habit actually practiced) that will benefit you more than regularly immersing yourself in Scripture to expose your heart to God’s revelation so that you might be increasingly conformed to the image of Christ (Rom. 12:1-2; Col. 1:28).

Here are three plans that we have put together for this next year.  Download the plans and then begin reading (all three plans are chronologically arranged):

There are many other plans that are available.  Denny Burk has plans that take one through the Bible books in their canonical order and are balanced so that each day’s reading is about the same length as every other day.  You will also be encouraged by Burk’s gentle exhortation to read Scripture regularly.  Justin Taylor also typically has many readings, though I haven’t seen his post on the topic this year, yet.  Here’s his post from a previous year.

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