The Light of God’s Word in the Darkness of the World
Psalm 119:105-112
August 4, 2019

We live in a dark world.  We live in a world where people are blind to the reality of God, the devastation of sin, the truth of Christ and His righteousness.  We live in a world where blind people tell seeing people that those with sight can’t see.  We live in a world where Satan has blinded the minds and hearts of the unbelieving so they cannot see the light of truth.  We live in a world where believers, too, get ensnared by the darkness and fall prey to the wiles of Satan.  He devours them by making them blind to the truth.  We live in a world where our great Enemy would not only blind us, but he would destroy us.  We live in a world where the Bible is increasingly deemed irrelevant.  We live in a church world where the Bible is deemed irrelevant.

A number of years ago I was granted a sabbatical by the church and one of my goals was to visit various churches to get a sense of what was being done in the “average” church.  At one prominent local church, the pastor read Hebrews 12:1-3 (a magnificent passage) at the beginning of his sermon, and then he walked to the back of the stage, closed his Bible, set it on a lectern, and then returned to the center of the stage and never picked up or used his Bible again.  It was a perfect picture for what that church really believes about the Bible — it tells “inspiring” (motivational) stories, but “what we say is more relevant.”

In this dark world and in a church world where the Bible is increasingly diminished, where will we turn for help and hope?  For 40 years, Grace Bible Church has turned to the Bible, but is the Bible still adequate for the next 10 years, never mind the next 40 years?  How will we survive in this dark world?

This morning, we are going to consider the second of three great themes we are considering in our journey to our anniversary Sunday — grace, God’s Word (the Bible), and the church.  This morning, through the Psalmist’s great song of Scripture — Psalm 119:105-112, we will be reminded to,

Be faithful to God’s faithful Word.

In this stanza, we will see God’s faithfulness to us in His Word.  And we will also see four times (circumstances) to remain faithful to God and His Word:

  1. When You Have Moral Questions, Be Faithful to God’s Word (vv. 105-106)
  2. When You Have Circumstantial Trials, Be Faithful to God’s Word (vv. 107-108)
  3. When You Have Relational Persecution, Be Faithful to God’s Word (vv. 109-110)
  4. When You Have God’s Inheritance, Be Faithful to God’s Word (vv. 111-112)

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