One act of preparation for your live stream worship

This morning our scattered church will gather together by live stream.  It is a means of God’s grace that we might do that through technology.  We thank Him for this kindness in this unusual and remarkable season.

Here is one thought as you prepare for worship.

You are likely in your home. Perhaps you are at your kitchen table. Or on a couch or in a comfortable chair.  Maybe you have a cup of coffee or a glass of tea.  You might have a snack in front of you as well.

Just remember that while you have these homey comforts, this is still worship.  We are still gathered together as a corporate body in the presence of the King of kings to offer Him our worship and our joys.

So while you are connected to worship through a digital device that will be used later to text friends, call family, shop for necessities, balance your bank account, and watch a movie, please refrain from doing any of those things while we are worshipping.

We are at home. But this is still worship, which means that this time is about our God in Heaven.  Let’s give Him our full attention and delight, in the same way we would as if we were together in the sanctuary.

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