Sermon: Because of God’s Mercy

Because of God’s Mercy…
Romans 12:1
August 30, 2020

A few weeks ago, Americans received an unexpected COVID-gift from the United States government.  And the topic quickly became, “what are you going to do with your money?”  Some paid bills.  Some paid down debt.  Some made purchases for which they had been saving.  Some gave it to others who needed it more than they did.  Some put it in their savings accounts.

The question was appropriate when we received those checks.  And the question is reasonable this morning as we think about the unexpected gift of salvation that we have received from God.  The gift is unexpected because we are sinners only deserving God’s wrath.  And the gift is unexpected because, most of us are Gentiles, who were outside the promise made to God’s chosen people, Israel.  And then here came the gospel!  Of all unexpected gifts, this is the greatest and most significant gift we’ve ever received.

The question we’ve been asking about government funds is appropriate to this gift of salvation as well:  “what are you going to do with your salvation?”  Paul seems to be anticipating that question by the way he transitions into Romans 12.  He has explained his understanding of the basics of theology — man’s sin (and God’s wrath), salvation, sanctification, and God’s sovereignty.  Now as he transitions into talking about the believer’s service of God in chapters 12-16, he is going to make one compelling summary statement and call to the church —

Be obedient in every area of your life as a response to God’s merciful work in your life.

As MacArthur has noted, “The key to a productive and satisfying Christian life is not in getting more [we already have all we need!] but in giving all.…Our supreme calling is to serve God with all our being…”

In this opening verse, the apostle Paul makes an appeal to the Romans that will guide his discussion in the rest of the letter.  Let’s look at this appeal from two perspectives:

  1. The Reason for the Appeal: God’s Mercy
  2. The Content of the Appeal: Present Yourself
  • What is Presented: Our Lives
  • How it is Presented: As a Sacrifice
  • Why it is Presented: It is Worship

Download the rest of this sermon on Romans 12:1.

The audio will be posted on the GBC website by tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Sermon: Because of God’s Mercy

      1. Thank you. I am blessed with your sermons and I spend a lot of time going through the various posts.
        Thank you once again. God bless!

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